4 important tips to Unban Telegram Account!

unban Telegram account

What can you do to unban your Telegram account? If you have been banned on Telegram and you have been asking yourself this question, the best thing you can do is to wait for the ban to get over. However, if this goes for a long time, you can use some of the tricks we have provided here for you at Buy-followers.shop in order to unban Telegram.

So if you are looking for a way to unban yourself from the banned Telegram group or account, here in this article you can find the best methods to access the account, rejoin the group and buy Telegram members. Keep reading!

What Does It Mean To Get Banned On Telegram?

First, let’s see what happens when we say an account or a group has been banned on Telegram. Banned is a condition in which a person (or on the web, user, or ID of a person) is blocked or prevented by Telegram admins from doing certain things due to violations of Telegram rules and principles.

If you are wondering what happens when you report a group on Telegram, we should say that when someone gets banned on Telegram, he gets restricted, meaning that he can no longer share a post on this platform or see other people’s posts. To get yourself out of this situation or get another user out of this situation, in case you own a group on Telegram, is called unban Telegram.

By unbanning the Telegram account, you are no longer restricted and you will get access to all authorizations that you had once, before the time you get banned.

What Does It Mean To Get Banned On Telegram?

Different Types Of Getting Banned On Telegram

There are two ways that you can get banned or get another user banned on Telegram:


In this way, your account is temporarily banned which means you can wait for your account to get unbanned and get yourself over it or use the tricks we are about to share with you to unban Telegram and we will help you to buy telegram accounts!

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In this way, your account is permanently banned and your Telegram banned phone number is no longer available and there is no way to unban Telegram, so you have to use a new number and create a new account to be able to use this social media again.

You can also report your problem to the Telegram support team and ask them to explain to you why you have to get banned and hope that the ban gets over.

If you have to get banned permanently and you are asking yourself “how can I recover my banned Telegram account”, we are afraid to say that there is no way to recover your account and all your date are gone, so be careful not to do anything against Telegram policy.

Check If Your Account Is Banned

If you think that you have been banned on Telegram for no reason without committing any mistake, then follow the steps below to check if you are truly banned or not:

  • Find a channel name @spambot.
  • Tap on the Start button to start chatting with this bot.
  • Notably, if there are no restrictions on your account, the bot will let you know this. And if your account is banned, you will be notified by the spambot.

How To Unban Telegram Account?

The problem of “This phone number is banned” has become very common lately. Many users are looking to unban Telegram numbers. This shows the violation of Telegram rules. In fact, you have broken the rules and people have reported your negative performance to Telegram.

If you change the name of your Telegram account to Saved Message or Favorites, your Telegram account along with your Telegram number and ID will be completely blocked and it will be practically impossible to restore it.

Among the factors influencing this problem and blocking your mobile number are the following possible reasons for the Telegram group ban:

  • Deleting your account in a row and several times
  • Severe spam in groups
  • Using informal and unauthorized versions of Telegrams that do not have Telegram approval or programs that are spammers.
  • Registering more than 10 numbers with one IP or one device
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To unban Telegram account, you can proceed as follows:

  • Launch and log in to your Telegram account
  • Tap on Help when says your account is banned
  • Send the Automated email
  • Open Gmail
  • Write an email describing what caused the ban and everything
  • Send the email to recover@Telegram.org or support page

The Telegram support team is not as big as Facebook, so it may take a while for them to respond and solve your issue and unban Telegram. If your account was banned by mistake, then it will be revoked and you can have your account back!

How To Rejoin A Telegram Group After Getting Banned?

In Telegram, your friends and acquaintances can invite you to different groups, but if you get banned, you no longer can be a member of that group.

If you visit Telegram Web, you will see traces of the groups you have once been a member of them, but this feature is only registered in the Telegram Web version, so you are going to have to use this version.

Using this trick, you can only return to the group with the group link. But if you do not have the group link, how do you get back to the group? Fortunately, Telegram software has given its users a way back to the group so that those who want to join the same group again can use this trick.

Follow the steps below to return to the groups:

1- Go to http://web.Telegram.org and enter your Telegram account name.

2- Find the name of the group to which you want to rejoin and click on it.

3- Click on the group name and select Return to the group.

Following this tutorial, you can rejoin the Telegram group after the ban. Please do not spam in Telegram groups and behave politely this time!

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How To Unban Telegram Account?

How To Remove Limitations On Telegram?

If you are trying to send messages to public groups you may encounter the message “Sorry you are currently restricted from sending messages to public groups”. Join us to remove this restriction.

This Telegram error occurs when people ban you on Telegram because of your messages, now these messages can be sworn or useless posts.

What Makes You Limited On Telegram?

In order to avoid being restricted in Telegram, please avoid forwarding tones of posts in groups, because the group admin will also check the report option when deleting the post.

If the first time your restriction was, for example, 5 days and you were free after that, if you repeat this violation again for the next time, you can be sure that the duration of the restriction will increase and may reach 5 to 6 months!

How To Get Rid Of Telegram Limitation?

To solve the problem of restriction in Telegram and to understand the duration of this restriction, after displaying the message, click the MORE INFO button to open the robot page for you, start the robot.

After starting the robot, it will tell you that you are limited to the date, for example, October 9. If you see the time is another day or two, then wait, but if the time is, for example, another month, then this can be annoying for you. We hope following the steps below will get you out of this limitation as soon as possible.

  • Select the option “This is a mistake”
  • Click “Yes”
  • Now you have to choose “No! I never did that! ”
  • Send the following text at the end:

“Hi, my account was blocked by mistake. Please release my account.”

Final Note

We hope you found this tutorial to unban Telegram from buy-followers.shop helpful and unban Telegram users using these simple steps. Please share it on social media and tag us. If you have any questions or feedback, then please share it in the comments and our experts will reach to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article!

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