The Most Famous American Bloggers (Top 10 Most Famous ones)

Top 10 Most Famous American Bloggers 2021

Do you know the most famous American bloggers 2021? Some of these bloggers make so much money from Instagram that they can be called Instagram millionaires.

Bloggers are looking to be seen more, especially those who are famous. For this reason, they use services such as buy Instagram views to attract more attention.

I  have been researching the most famous American bloggers for a long time and examining how they work and their Instagram income.

I have now decided to share this information with you. So stay with me, if you want to get acquainted with the richest American Instagram bloggers.

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Who Is An Instagram Blogger?

Before you get acquainted with the most famous American bloggers, it is better to know what a blogger means and what his duties are.

A blogger is someone who specializes in a particular profession and strives to pass this information on to users who follow him or her.

These people are active in various social networks, but it can be said that Instagram is one of the programs in which the largest number of bloggers are present.

Bloggers are active in various fields such as fashion, decoration design, cosmetics, and beauty, and some of them have been able to earn a lot of money through this profession.

There are bloggers not only in the United States, but in all countries of the world, but in this article, we want to introduce you to 10 of the most famous American bloggers.

Is It Easy To Be An Instagram Blogger?


Who AreCalled The Most Famous American Bloggers?

The most famous American bloggers are those who have a large number of followers on their page, his income from Instagram ads is high, and a large number of people around the world know him.

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Although all of these factors have a great impact on the popularity of a blogger, perhaps the type of interaction with the audience can be considered the most important factor.

10  Of The Most Famous American Bloggers 2021, Popular And Rich

The United States is always a leader in various industries, which is why it has the best and most popular bloggers in the world, even in the blogging profession.

You are probably familiar with many of them and may even follow their pages, but I have selected ten of them to give you information about the most famous American bloggers.

  • Kendall Nicole Jenner

She is one of the American bloggers who work in the field of fashion. The reason for her great popularity is her special style and style of dressing so that she has gained a lot of fame in this way.

In addition, in the past, she was one of the models of the popular Victoria’s Secret brand. He currently has more than 10 million followers and earns a lot of money annually through her Instagram ads. Her income is just over $ 45 million.

  • Jiji Hadid

She is another American fashion blogger. Many users believe that her extraordinary style has made her popular.

She has already launched her brand, so she earns money not only through Instagram ads but also through the sale of clothes with her brand.

Her page has more than 16 million followers, and according to the latest statistics, her income through Instagram is about $ 16,000,000.00 per year.

Who Is An Instagram Blogger?

  • Amanda Cerny

She is a blogger who works in various fields such as making humorous videos, modeling, and acting.

She is best known for the humorous videos he posts on her page, which now has more than 25 million followers and annual revenue of more than $ 10 million.

  • Lele Pons

Her real name is Elnora Gabriella Ponz Maronce, but her users know her as Lee Lee Ponz. He first started her career by making and publishing comedy clips, but after a while, she also worked in other professions such as fashion.

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But she did not stop there, and started working in other professions, such as singing, and was able to release her first song in 2018.

Her page has more than 42 million followers and she receives about $ 125,000 for each Instagram ad.

  • Zach King

He is one of the most famous jugglers not only in America but all over the world. His page has published a lot of short clips about his tricks, which is probably the most important reason for the presence of more than 23 million followers. He receives about $ 13,000 for each ad he makes on his page.

  • Hannah Stocking

She is  a beauty blogger who produces beauty videos in the form of humor. In other words, her most important fame is because of her creativity. her page has about 16 million followers and her income is about $ 147,000.

10 Of The Most Famous American Bloggers 2021, Popular And Rich

  • Leandra Medina

The reason for her fame is that she has achieved a lot of success in the field of fashion. Initially, he wrote on various topics of humor and entertainment, but gradually turned to fashion and is now one of the most famous American bloggers.

  • Dwayne Johnson

He is one of the most famous American bloggers and actors with 205 million followers on Instagram. He is one of the richest bloggers on Instagram and earns more than $ 320 million annually.

  • Beyoncé

She works in several professions, that is, she is a singer, an actor and a model. The popular American blogger has more than 218 million followers and receives $ 770,000 for each post he advertises on her page.

Who Is Called A Famous Blogger?

  • Taylor Swift

Most people who dream of becoming a singer follow this blogger. She is one of the most popular singers not only in America but also in the world.

Her Instagram page has more than 182 million followers, and her revenue from Instagram in 2021 was about $ 400 million.

Is It Easy To Be An Instagram Blogger?

Many users, when they see the popularity and revenue of Instagram bloggers, think of starting their own business.

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With this in mind, many of them start their activities on Instagram in the form of a blogger.

But the reality is something else, becoming a blogger indeed seems easy, but it requires special knowledge and skills.

A blogger should produce useful content on topics he or she knows of and also have  to pay to buy various Instagram services such as buy Instagram likes.

So it can be said that becoming a blogger is not easy unless you know the basics and rules. To learn more about the Instagram blogger, you can read the article written about it.

Do Instagram Bloggers Are Millionaire?

The answer to this question depends on several reasons because various factors determine a blogger’s income, such as:

  • Number of page followers
  • Popularity rate
  • The amount of credit
  • Type of content produced

As a result, bloggers earn a lot of money, and many of them, like the bloggers mentioned above, are very rich, but others have a moderate or even low income.

So do not start your activity without having special experience and skills, thinking that all Instagram blogging is from high-paying jobs on Instagram.

Do Instagram Bloggers Are Millionaire?

 Final Word About The Most Famous American Bloggers

With the spread of digital marketing on social networks such as Instagram the methods of making money from various social networks also changed. That is, some emerging professions were formed, which were able to transform digital marketing.

Instagram blogger is one of these lucrative and popular jobs, which is popular all over the world. But in some countries, such as the United States, special attention has been paid to this specialty.

This text has been prepared by the website and it introduces the most famous American bloggers. By reading this text, you can understand how high the incomes of popular bloggers are. If you know of another wealthy American blogger whose name is not mentioned in this text, please send a comment.


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