10 tips for register Telegram no phone!

register telegram no phone

Here in buy-followers.shop, we want to show you how to register Telegram no phone? And we provide information such as sign up Telegram without phone number, Telegram without phone number desktop, delete Telegram account without phone and Telegram x without phone number.

How to Register Telegram No Phone?

Our question here is whether it is possible to enter Telegram without a number or even a SIM card? We all know that we can’t enter the Telegram app without a number and confirmation code, but this is not the case. Because a SIM card is not required, you can also enter Telegram with a fake number. In the following tutorial, we will teach you how to enter Telegram without a SIM card and how to buy a Telegram account. In this case, if your line is blocked, you can easily register Telegram no phone.

How to Install Telegram Account Without Phone Number?

First, create a number using the virtual number creation program, and then you can enter Telegram.

To do this, it is better to select the American number, and when you want to install Telegram, in the box related to the number, the created number Enter and be careful here, you must enter the US code, +1. When you dial the number, the code will be sent to the number creation program, and now type the code correctly so that you can have a Telegram with your new account. You simply register Telegram no phone and with a fake American number.

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How to Make a fake number for Telegram?

First of all, download and install the Textnow program, and then log in to the program, and at the top of the screen, click on the word Sign up, and enter your email in the first box, and then enter the password. Click correctly and now it is time to select the Create Account option.

On the next page that is displayed, you must enter a prefix that we suggest is 920 and 850, there are other codes, but it is better to use these two codes. Then click Continue to get a random number.

How to Install Telegram Account Without Phone Number?

 How to Register Telegram Without Phone Number or Fake Number?

Open the Telegram application and enter the number given to you by the Textnow application and dial +1 instead of the country code. Now the code sent by Telegram will be sent to this application and in the code field, the code sent to the application will be sent.

Enter and now create your account. In this section, if it asks you for a name, it means that this number is new, which belongs to you, but if he enters without a name, it means that this number has already been used and activated by someone, but Anyway, you have already register Telegram no phone and you can do this several times (10 times) and activate your Telegram.

Now if you do not want to receive contacts with this number, first of all, uncheck the Sync Contacts on the same login page where you enter the number.

If you go through all these steps and enter your Telegram, you have succeeded in entering the Telegram without a number and you can use Telegram services like buy telegram channel members. We must say that these numbers are reports and to exit the block, follow the previous instructions to exit the report.

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Make Telegram Account Without Number? (with an Email)

The question is that you can enter Telegram without a number at all, and by email or Gmail. We have to answer no, you can’t enter Telegram without the original number or virtual number without paying. Maybe one day this will be possible for Telegram, and in that case, if a country is blocked by the operator, it can easily have Telegram, but it is only possible to increase spam and fake accounts. Telegram may have thought that this feature has not been activated yet.

Frequently Asked Questions on Make a New Telegram Account Without Phone Number

Here we answer some questions such as can you create a Telegram account without a phone number, recover Telegram without a phone number, how to register Telegram without a number, and can you sign up to Telegram without a phone number

1- Can I Enter Telegram Without a Phone Number?

In Telegram, every time you want to create a new account, you have to enter your phone number. Because you are the real owner of the phone number, Telegram will send a verification code to this phone number. In no case can you proceed without entering the verification code. However, there is also the fabrication of a fake number for the Telegram, which can’t be legal.

2- Why Does Telegram Need my Phone Number?

Having a phone number is designed to prevent the creation of robot user accounts and the automatic creation of accounts. After providing the phone number to the Telegram application, you will receive a voice call or text message containing the verification code, which you must enter to confirm your Telegram account.

3- Can I Have Two Telegram Accounts With One Phone Number?

You can add up to three accounts with different phone numbers to your Telegram app and then quickly switch between them from the side menu. Notifications will be displayed to you from all accounts unless you have changed the application notification settings.

4- Can I have 2 Telegram Accounts?

Yes. Telegram supports adding up to three accounts with different phone numbers. You can switch between them and receive notifications for each account unless you change its settings.

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5. How Can I Get a Blue Tick for my Telegram Account?

Sorry, Telegram does not tick ordinary users’ accounts at the moment. Blue tick is only given for official channels and large and active robots.

 How to Register Telegram Without Phone Number or Fake Number?

6- How can I anonymize my Telegram account?

If you want to stay away from someone or chat without being seen, follow these steps:

  • Enter “setting” in the Telegram program.
  • Select “Privacy & Security”.
  • Tap “Last View”.
  • Choose “All”, “My Contacts” or “No One”. You can also set exceptions.

7- How can I find my personal Telegram number?

In Telegram, the number of each person is known only to those who are part of his contacts and in fact, both parties have each other’s number. Unfortunately, Telegram Bot API does not return the phone number. Instead, you should either use the Telegram API method or explicitly ask the user to give you the phone number.

8. How do I know that someone has saved my number in Telegram?

It is very easy to understand this issue:

  • Remove the phone number from your contacts app (if you have saved her number)
  • Wait for the contacts to be synced on the Telegram app.
  • If you can still see that person’s phone number, be 100% sure that person saved your number.

9. What happens when I change my Telegram phone number?

When you change the phone number in Telegram, this number is automatically updated in your Telegram profile. If you have changed your SIM card, go to your profile and update your phone number. From now on, your contacts will see your Telegram with your new number and you do not need to inform them.


10- How can I access my old Telegram account?

Open the Telegram app in your web browser and try to log in to your account as before using your phone number as usual. Now, you will see a new message appear on your computer screen telling you that a verification code has been sent to your phone and asking you to enter that code in the selected field on this site.

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