The best guide to Instagram highlights for businesses

Instagram highlight

The Instagram highlight allows you to keep your favorite stories on your page. The Instagram highlight is a feature that makes your memorable stories available forever. In this article, which has been prepared by the buy-followers website we are going to teach Instagram highlight. If you are ready, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Instagram is the most popular social media for video communication between billions of users. This popular media has added to its capabilities and services like buy cheap Instagram followers over time and surprises its users from time to time.

First, this network introduced the story. Ability to allow users to share their favorite images, videos, and even text for a limited time. But this attractive application had one major weakness, and that was that after 24 hours the shared story was completely deleted and there was no way to save it.

For the network to remain superior among its competitors, it also eliminated this weakness. The Instagram highlight was introduced to allow users to save all their favorite stories so that both they and other users can access them.

With the help of story highlights, valuable content published through the story will no longer be lost. In the following, you will get acquainted with this special surprise in detail.

Get More Familiar With Instagram Highlight

As we said at the beginning of this article, each Instagram story can only be displayed for 15 seconds and will be completely deleted after 24 hours. Now, the user may not want to destroy his favorite story, because the story he has shared has the highest quality and beauty, or for any other reason, he wants to have it constantly on his page.

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The ability to make stories permanent with the help of highlight is a special feature that surprised users. All users can use this exciting feature and record their daily memories on their page.

The Exact Location Of Highlights

If you look at the page of most users of this network, you will see that there are circular images at the top of the page and below their user profile picture. These are stories that have been saved in highlight. The purpose of the highlights in this place is to be visible to the audience.

How To Make Highlights On Instagram

How To Make Highlights On Instagram

The Instagram highlight is selected from the images you have already shared in the story, which means that you can not create highlights directly from your gallery images. First, you have to share your favorite image through the story, then save it in the highlight section.

To create a highlight, first, log in to your profile. If you have not created a highlight yet, your Instagram highlight will appear as a gray, empty circle, but if you have already created a highlight before, your story will appear in this section.

Tap the plus sign to create a new highlight. In this section, you must select your favorite stories that you want to be highlighted. The method is that you select the image you want and then click Next.

After doing this, the stories you want will be added to the Instagram highlight and you can easily see them in your profile section. From now on, any new user who comes to your page can see your highlights. Note that these highlights are available to all users on your page.

Delete Or Add New Stories To Highlights

Once you have created an Instagram highlight, you can easily delete or add the stories in the highlight. There are two ways to add a story after you have created your highlight:

  • Add your story directly:
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In this method, you must enter the story that is still active or refer to the archive of stories. Then find the story you want and click on the Highlights icon to select one of the types of highlights you have created to add the story to the desired highlight.

  • By editing the highlight:

Here you must enter the highlight section of your Instagram and tap on the three dots at the bottom of this page. After that select the Edit option and from the page that opens, tap on your favorite story, and finally, tap the Done option to add the desired story to the Instagram highlight.

If you want to delete the stories that you have already added to the highlight, you must select Remove from highlight option.

How To Make Highlight Cover

By default, Instagram selects the first image of each highlight as a cover. But it is also possible to change it and put the desired cover. Follow the steps below to use your favorite image as a cover:

  • Open the Instagram highlight and tap the more option at the right of the page
  • First, select the Edit Highlight option and then tap Edit Cover
  • You will see a list of cover types that you can choose from.
  • If your favorite image is not among the suggested covers, tap the Image icon to select an image from your gallery.
  • Finally, tap the Done option to apply the change.

The Importance Of Instagram Highlight For Instagram Businesses

Important Points Before Creating Highlights

If you have not created a highlight yet and you do not have much information about it, it is better to tell you some points about it that it is necessary to know before creating a highlight.

  • Ability to create more than one highlight:
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There are no restrictions on highlighting and you can create as many new highlights with different names as you want. It is better to use this feature and put stories with related topics in a highlight to make them easier to access.


  • Show new highlights on the left side of the profile

Older highlights are on the right and newer highlights are on the left side of your profile, so Instagram users will see your new highlights first.


  • Prioritize highlights

If you are going to create multiple highlights, it is better to put the stories together based on the topic and choose a suitable name for each highlight. Also, create important highlights after other highlights to be displayed on the left side of your screen

The Importance Of Instagram Highlight For Instagram Businesses

Instagram story is an attractive feature that can be used to help a variety of creative methods and advertise on Instagram. The story is a good opportunity to introduce business products.

If you use Instagram to market your business, you are familiar with the story and use it a lot. Some of the stories you publish are about how to use the products you sell, some other messages of satisfaction Is a customer or you may answer frequently asked questions of your followers in some stories.

Surely you do not want the important information that you have published through the story to be lost and you save your important stories with little Instagram highlight. Therefore, the Instagram highlight is very important for different businesses, and you can easily add several stories to your highlight with a suitable title.

If you use Instagram stories a lot, it is better to know all the related points. The Instagram highlight is an important tool to help this site businesses. In this article, we have fully explained how to make a highlight on Instagram and Instagram story highlights cover.

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