How to start a hidden chat in Telegram?

hidden chat in Telegram

Here in the buy-followers article, we want to show you how to start a hidden chat in Telegram and how you can make hidden chat in Telegram and we provide you information such as how to see hidden chat in Telegram, how to hide chat in Telegram with password, and how to hide chat in Telegram without archive.

What is Telegram Secret Chat or Secret Chat?

Most likely, you have ever wanted to have a secure private chat with another Telegram account that, for example, images and messages sent between you and the other account remain in the same chat place and can’t be published.

If you are looking for such a possibility in Telegram, be with us because we want to talk about the possibility of Telegram secret chat or the secret of Telegram chat, show you how to set up a secret chat in Telegram and how to buy real Telegram members, as well as the various features and capabilities of this section.

As we said, you can use the secret chat feature in Telegram to start a confidential conversation with another account, and you can also delete the messages exchanged between you manually or automatically by activating the feature.

Delete message timer to delete the sent content, take a step that in the continuation of the article, we will tell you how to activate all the related items.

Of course, before starting the training today, I have to offer services to you, dear ones, that a few days ago, one of the site users, by asking a strange question about deleting his Telegram account, deleted the messages exchanged in the secret chat section, which caused Today we will tell you about this feature and how to delete the conversation in this part of Telegram.

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What is Telegram Secret Chat or Secret Chat?

 How to hide my chat on Telegram?

To start a hidden chat in Telegram, you can start a secret chat between yourself and one of the intended contacts in two ways. In the first method, you must follow the steps below:

  • Enter the chat section of one of your contacts in Telegram.
  • Touch the top of the page on the relevant contact name.
  •  In the page that opens at the bottom, select the start secret chat option, and after confirming it, a secret Telegram chat will start between you and the relevant contact, and you can send the first message.

In the second method of setting up Telegram private chat, you can open your Telegram menu section in your Telegram by touching the three-line icon, such as in the top corner of the page, or touching and dragging the page to the right, and then selecting the new secret chat option. Then select your favorite contact with whom you want to have a hidden chat in Telegram.

Secret chat capabilities of Telegram!

Here we want to talk about the capabilities of hidden chat in Telegram and how to buy Telegram views.

1.Set time to delete content shared in secret chat:

The secret part of Telegram chat, like various other parts, has a unique feature, one of the main of which is the set self-destruct timer option, which you can use for the content sent both by yourself and from The other person, set a time to delete that content.

For example, after starting a confidential conversation, in this section, by touching the three-dot icon, such as in the top corner of the page, and selecting the set self-destruct timer option, a box will open for us, which we can delete for the content and texts sent in this Set up a hidden chat in Telegram. For example, we select 6 seconds and then touch the done option to confirm it.

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Of course, you can set the timer for deleting messages in the secret chat by touching the name of the account and then in the opened page by touching the self-destruct timer option or change the amount of time. Also, changing the timing of deleting timer can be done by both parties Recorded or changed during the conversation.

The second most used option in this section is the clear history option, which can be used to delete all exchanged messages. Of course, this is important if you have not activated the message delete timer feature and a large number of messages have been exchanged between you and the other account.

And another important thing that is to interrupt the secret Telegram chat is to use the delete chat option, which can be used to delete and cancel the continuation of the secret chat between you and the other account.

2.Security of the secret part of the chat:

Other secret features of Telegram chat include its high security that all sent content is stored encrypted in the memory of the parties and according to Telegram administrators, this information is not stored in Telegram’s own servers.

Of course, it goes without saying that when starting a secret Telegram chat, if Telegram is added in different systems and another. For example, if you have two phones and you have raised your Telegram account on both phones, or more commonly, you use several types of Telegram applications in one phone for one of your accounts. Private chat will only start and be usable in your online account, which makes the information exchanged in this area safe from hackers.

Secret chat capabilities of Telegram!

Other qualities

After this time, any content, including images, videos, music and voice, and even typed text, will be deleted for both you and the other account after the time is up. Of course, it is possible that the multimedia content such as video or voice sent by you or by the other person is more than the time specified, for example, 6 seconds, then what is the matter?

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If the video and voice are sent or received more than the specified time, Telegram will allow you to watch and listen to the relevant video or voice in full, and immediately after the end, it will delete the relevant items from the secret chat section.

Tips on Telegram Secret Chat:

  • You cannot take a screenshot or a photo of the page inside the secret chat, and if you take a screenshot, Telegram will give you a message about the privacy of this section. Of course, in the past, if you tried to take a screenshot of your action in the chat section, it would be exposed to the other account, which is not the case at the moment.
  • The content sent in this section can’t be forwarded.
  • To start a chat in this section, the relevant contact must be online to start a confidential conversation between you.
  • Secret conversation in Telegram Desktop is not possible at the moment, maybe in the future this possibility will be enabled for Telegram Computer.
  • The confidential conversation is not possible for groups and you can only have a secret chat in Telegram at the same time with another account.


In today’s article, we tried to talk completely about how to start a secret and completely secure chat in Telegram, and as the features of the secret chat section were mentioned, it is not possible to record a screenshot or a video page in this section. All these strictures are for starting a conversation without fear of publishing and displaying the contents exchanged in that conversation.

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