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What is an Impression on Instagram mean?

The word impression in the word means impact, effect, perception, feeling and things like that. So when it comes to the impression rate of a post or story on Instagram, we mean the impact of that post on the people present and present on Instagram or the Instagram community. How to measure this impact and find out is a topic that we will discuss in the following article.

To access the Impression section, click View Insights below the post to display statistics and information about that post. If you swipe up the menu and scroll down a little, you can see the Impression with a number in front of it.

What is Impression on Instagram?

As we mentioned, when we talk about the impression of a post or story, we are actually talking about how effective that post or story is. Now, if we think that we can estimate and measure this impact from the number of likes or the number of times that post or story has been shared, we have made an incomplete calculation because, in this way Calculations, we have neglected to count and consider people who have returned many times and watched and read our content from the beginning.

Therefore, Instagram calculates the impression rate of the content we post, based on the number of times that content has been viewed by everyone on Instagram, not just our page followers.

In this method of calculation, Instagram does not care whether people like our content or not, comment on it or not, send it to their friends, or something like that. For Instagram, only the number of times our content is viewed by Instagram people and subscribers is important.

In this way, even if someone has seen our content several times but only liked it once, it will increase the impression rate of that content because, in turn, it has increased the number of views of that content.

What effect does the impression rate on Instagram have on our business?

Most social media executives, marketing and marketing executives, and activists in this field, in order to have a successful page, focus on attracting more followers and seek to increase the number of followers of their page on Instagram.

But the truth is that it does not matter if millions of people follow you or not. In fact, if those who are really your audience and you are going to be able to make a profit by impressing them, are not among your followers, this number of followers will practically be of no value to you. This is where focusing on increasing the impression rate is much more effective than focusing on increasing the number of followers of a page.

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What is an Impression on Instagram mean?

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